A psychedelic spaceship game


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Polar is a unique game where you have to show your abilities and reflexes, using just one button. Its creator defines the game as a sort of 'Super Hexagon parody.'

The gameplay is very simple. You control a spaceship that automatically moves in circles. It's your job to guide the ship through an asteroid field, coming at you in a series of different patterns. The one and only button lets you change directions and try to dodge the asteroids.

The game, which was created in just one week, doesn't actually let you die. This means the only penalty for hitting the asteroids is that you can't move on to the next pattern. If you play well and dodge all the obstacles, the asteroids take on new shapes, becoming more and more complex and psychedelic.

Polar is a strange game that has a simple soundtrack and even simpler, but addicting gameplay. If only it offered more of a challenge, like the ability to die, for example, it would be a fantastic game.
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